Brook & Ripples

"We engineer your dreams and desires to reality when it comes to entertainment and sports in Water.........!"

"Brook & Ripples" is best introduced as an Engineering Construction and Service Company specialized in developing Swimming Pools and allied Water feature systems ranging from traditional spring pools to water theme parks and professional aquatic sports facilities
B&R is one of the few establishments in the region who has the expertise to develop Olympic standard sports pools conforming to FINA standards and equipped with advanced competition systems.
We have the capability to integrate contemporary and classical designs where both utility aspect and aesthetic appeal coexists at its best. Our uncompromising quality policy guarantees not only lead brands of equipments are installed in our projects but the most stringent engineering practices and quality control measures are applied.
We offer unmatched warranty back-up on our products as well as dependable maintenance service packages to ensure our creations sustain as a fun filled exhilarating and peaceful place for all to enjoy.